Tactical Training

HRCC Shooting Package - Camden TN - Sept 10-14, 2007 969
T1SMG instructors have real world operational experience applying what they teach. An instructor cannot effectively teach others to survive a life or death encounter when they have never experienced one. The combat zone and police first responder experience our instructors bring to the table allow them to have a better grasp of what is effective and ineffective in the real world. Train with us and benefit from this experience.
We provide a variety of courses and training options to the following U.S. and foreign clients:
§     Law Enforcement
§     Military
§     Security Professionals from the Government, and Private Sector
§     Corporations
§     Responsible Private Citizens
Combat and sports are two different sciences. Trust the training that will save your life and the lives of those you will be protecting to instructors who have used their skills to stay alive in the harshest of operational environments.  Sport and competition styles don’t always hold up when the target is shooting back, there are no weight limits the gloves are off and someone is not attacking in a way your trained to defend.. T1SMG does  not claim to teach the only way. We teach tactics, techniques and procedures  that have been tried and tested in the real world where success is rewarded in survival rather than a trophy or a belt.
When  training for survival don’t ignore the aftermath. You may have survived the life and death encounter but will your actions survive a review by a grand jury and a civil suit. It is possible to save your life only to lose your freedom or everything you own. The tactics and techniques we teach are designed to enable you to win from life or death combat to the courtroom, and are reasonable and appropriate under the circumstances in which they are to be applied.

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