“We engaged T1SMG to provide security after a shooting and robbery in a business environment.  Their level of professionalism and training was immediately apparent, an order of magnitude far superior to standard private security organizations we have worked with in the past.  Upon arriving in our workplace and immediately assuring a safe work environment, the T1SMG supervisor next took the time to conference with the unit supervisor to determine precisely our needs and desires.  With this information, each and every T1SMG operator working with us skillfully balanced our desire for discretion with a need for safety and protection, maintaining a visible deterrent presence while neither interfering with our normal public interactions nor intimidating our clients.  Most impressively, even after weeks of observing our normal day-to-day business affairs, the T1SMG operators never became complacent or lost vigilance, but also never allowed their presence to interfere with our business or draw unnecessary attention.  The level of maturity and professionalism of all the T1SMG personnel was in fact such a positive addition to our workplace–commented on frequently by our clients–that we requested their presence be extended well beyond our original projections.  I would highly recommend T1SMG to any individual or organization with real security needs, particularly in an environment requiring both discretion and professional deterrence of serious and immediate risks.”

George Schools


I would like to extend a sincere thank you to you and your team at T1 Special Missions Group. Your team went above and beyond my expectations. Tullis Worldwide Protection   has been in the business for almost 15 years and we have worked with numerous security teams around the world but yours is by far one of the best we have ever worked with. All of your staff members  were dedicated and extremely professional. I will highly recommend T1 Special Missions Group to all my clients in the future.

Thank you again and please command all of your staff on an outstanding job.

Devin Tullis


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