Workforce, School, & Facility Protection


At T1SMG we understand your needs for security are balanced by your needs to have a relaxed workplace environment free from anxiety or stress that isn’t related to the work at hand.

We are able to provide either high of low profile security specialist who are able to deal with any threat that might be encountered.

Police response times are inadequate for the spontaneous nature of most violent incidents.

Our on site security specialist are prepared to deal with and bring an immediate end to violent incidents while 911 is still taking information and has not yet dispatched a unit.

Cameras, while an effective means of recording incidents, cannot prevent an intruder from having freedom to act out his aggression until police are able to respond. Cameras will not stop violence only record it. Cameras are only effective if monitored by a rapid response capability of those trained to deal with intruders, crime or violence committed onsite.

We are able to provide the highest level of security professionals for workforce, school, and facility protection at a reasonable rate.


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