Executive, V.I.P., and Personal Protection

Personal Security DetailswebsiteNovember 021

The world is becoming an increasingly dangerous place. Within the U.S. and outside the country, are areas that are controlled by gangs, politically disenchanted groups, insurgents, and terrorist organizations. There is a real risk of being kidnapped, robbed, injured or even killed while in the conduct of daily business or when traveling abroad. There are many who call themselves bodyguards who are not qualified to protect themselves.

In addition to protecting you from threats to your safety and dignity, a bodyguard who is a trained executive protection specialist can do the footwork to insure that there are no unnecessary delays or complications which can delay the efficient conduct of your business. In this day and age time is money. Forgetting a briefcase in an airport can result in the loss of a multi-million dollar contract. Our Executive Protection Specialist are familiar with the business environment you live and work in and are effective as personal assistants.

We at T1SMG take that threat seriously and work diligently to ensure that your work can carry on safely without undue delays, despite the risk you may face.

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