Border, Ranch and Rural Security Operations

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At T1SMG our Security Specialists are experienced with border security problems on assignments supporting the Border Management and Counter Narco-Terrorism missions in Afghanistan, Iraq and military task force and private sector security operations on the U.S. Border.

Our experience in protecting persons and property from sophisticated terrorist organizations, smugglers and pirates worldwide is more in demand than ever on our own border.

The threat has steadily grown to the level that no government agency is able to provide adequate protection. Our status as a private sector security provider allows us options and flexibility not available to governmental agencies.

T1SMG is not concerned with addressing immigration. Immigration is the responsibility of established government agencies. T1SMG is concerned with protecting the lives and property of Americans who live, work, farm, ranch, and sleep on our borders.

We are able to provide services including, but not limited to:

  • Ranch and agricultural security, either static (remaining on location) or random patrols
  • Petroleum industry security, of manpower, equipment, drilling operations, pipelines
  • Route clearing and sweeping and checking property
  • Counter assault team vehicle escorts
  • Personal protection of persons whether private or government, travelling, or working in this region
  • Escort of assets through high risk areas.
  • Vacation watch for residences and ranches.
  • Home/ranch defense training, basic through advanced, tactical, emergency medical and weapons training, for those who provide their own security force, from the parents to the children who may be forced to fight for their survival.
  • Protection of construction projects along the border.
  • Technical and tactical support to a wide range of  government, law enforcement, miliary or corporate security operations on the border

We apply select, tested and proven personnel,  tactics, technology, and equipment employed by experienced, quiet professional security specialist to solve problems quickly and efficiently. Our talent extends to training and securing some of the most dangerous places in the world. Whether you need an assessment on where you can  improve the physical security of your home, or you need a team of experts to physically secure your property, we have the experience to get the job done.  Our team stands ready and able to meet any challenge to ensure your protection.


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