Security Services

Executive Protection and Corporate Security

  • Personal Security Details
  • Courier security escorts – secure transport
  • Critical infrastructure security /anti-terrorism force protection
  • High value asset and confidential information protection
  • Security consulting and risk management evaluations
  • Proactive response to threats of workplace violence
  • Investigative and intelligence support
  • Corporate counter espionage
  • Civil Standbys
  • Guard force operations
  • Night Club Security
  • Guard force training and management
  • Security standard operational procedure and policy development
  • Proactive response to threats of workplace violence
  • Fire watch
  • Apartment and Residential Security

Protection in Special Threat Situations including:

  • Bomb threat
  • Terrorist and narco-terrorism threat
  • Threats from criminal organizations and gangs
  • Death threats from seriously violent or disturbed individuals
  • Proactive response to threats of workplace violence
  • Proactive response to serious domestic violence situations
  • Special event security
  • Recovery operations and negotiators
  • Quick reaction force capabilities for natural disasters, strikes and civil disorder

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