Investigations and Corporate Intel.

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The T1SMG team combines experienced, distinguished professional detectives from backgrounds in military intelligence, government intelligence, law enforcement investigations, and private sector investigations. Our investigators have extensive experience in supporting government, corporate, and individual requirements.
We are capable of handling routine private investigations or complex corporate counter espionage cases with equal east.
Our areas of service include but are not limited to:
  • Protective Advances, Security Assessments, and Reconnaissance.
  • Market Studies and Area Studies.
  • Background Checks and Due Diligence Investigation.
  • Surveillance and Counter Surveillance.
  • Direction Collection and Processing of Information in relation to the intelligence cycle.
  • Investigations of Corporate or Employee Violations and insurance fraud
  • Background Investigations
  • Missing Persons, Children and Adults
  • Divorce and Child Custody/Child Welfare
  • Kidnapping Negotiation and Recovery
  • Stolen or Hijacked Property/Asset Location and Recovery
  • Criminal and Civil Investigations Legal Team Support

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