Uniform Options


Our Tier 1 Security Specialist are Personal Protection Officers, (Bodyguards) and  Private Investigators as well as Commissioned Armed Security Officers. This Triple Registration gives us multiple uniform options when protecting people and property.

Our Class A uniform is a patched security uniform similar to a tactical police officer uniform. The Class A uniform consist of a Black Patched shirt over Olive Drab Trousers.

Our Class B Uniform is a softer unmarked uniform consisting of an unmarked black polo or black button up collared shirt with olive drab green pants and a  an ID badge exposed to identify us as security.

Our Level IV Specialist can work in plain clothes, including formal attire, business attire, casual professional or just casual depending client preference, the venue, and services to be performed. Any and all of their weapons and equipment is concealed. They can work this way with a security ID exposed or concealed. This low profile option is preferred by many of our clients.

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