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Listed below are examples of some of our Tier 1 security specialist’s experience and credentials. Our Tier 1 security specialist are capable of professionally handling anything from as simple as a wedding reception or party up to anti-terrorism details and high level executive protection assignments with equal ease. We understand many of our clients have have security needs with less risk or complexity and for them we have lower Tier 2 Security Specialist and Tier 3 Security Officers available who can cover their needs at a lower rate. A major advantage of choosing T1SMG is our ability to bring this level of  professional to the table if your security situation changes.  

Not all of the experience can be described or listed due to the security classification of  certain operations. Not all of our contractors can be listed due to the sensitivity of their current or past assignments. Our network includes over one hundred proven professionals to meet your needs locally or internationally.

 Levi, Owner Operator/Security Specialist/Investigator/ Instructor #001 

CEO5_51127 022Convoy Ops.12022012b 034 Experience:  Levi is an honorably discharged U.S. Marine Corps Infantry / STA, (Scout Sniper Platoon) combat veteran with experience including ground combat infantry operations in Desert Storm and sniper team security missions in Somalia and Central Africa. In addition Levi served over 10 years as a Texas Police Officer, honorably discharged, during which time he was assigned to a multi-agency gang unit and held supervisory positions in patrol, criminal investigations including narcotics, and as an instructor for firearms, tactical, and defensive tactics training. From 2004 to 2007, Levi  served primarily in Iraq, as an armed contractor supporting the Department of State International Narcotics and Law Enforcement mission.  Levi held high-level security and anti-terrorism force protection assignments including Deputy Chief of Security at Baghdad Police College, and operated on hundreds of P.S.D. convoy security missions.  Levi operated as an adviser and trainer to the Iraqi Ministry of Interior Special Forces, Special Police Commando Units and Iraqi Police Emergency Response Units as a member of C.P.A.T.T. Special Units. He has conducted numerous military joint counter- insurgency operations with Iraqi Tactical Units and the U.S. Military. From 2008-2011,  Levi contracted in Afghanistan on the Department of Defense Counter Narco-Terrorism Program mission, working primarily with Afghan border police and serving as a Force Protection Team Leader, Convoy Commander, and as a Border Police Instructor training hundreds of Afghan Security Force personnel in firearms, small unit tactics, and emergency vehicle operation. Levi has conducted anti-terrorism force protection Personal Security details for clients under threat by major terrorist organizations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Texas. Levi has conducted anti-piracy maritime operations at sea in the Indian Ocean. Levi has regularly worked protective details for high net worth executives, V.I.P.s, corporate high risk security details, and private investigations since 2007.

Awards:  Levi been awarded the U.S.M.C. Combat Action Ribbon, a Commendation for operations in Somalia, and Police Officer of the Year award, among other commendations. 001 has held Dept of Defense and Dept of State secret security clearances.

Operational Certifications: Infantry Squad Leader, Special Operations Training Group Reconnaissance and Surveillance, S.E.R.E. Basic S.W.A.T., Advanced S.W.A.T., High Risk Convoy Operations, Diplomatic Protection (P.S.D.), Texas Police Officer Advanced Certification, Texas D.P.S. P.S.B. Personal Protection Officer, Commissioned Security Officer, and Private Investigator.

Instructor Certifications Include: Instructor courses completed and certifications obtained include: Police Emergency Driving Instructor, T.C.L.E.O.S.E. Law Enforcement Instructor, TX D.P.S. Defensive Tactics Instructor including baton and O.C., A.S.P. Baton Instructor, NRA Law Enforcement Handgun Shotgun Instructor, P.P.C.T. Tactical Team Close Quarter Counter Measures Instructor, and Common Block Weapons Instructor. Texas D.P.S. P.S.B. Personal Protection Officer Instructor and Commissioned Security Officer Instructor for Classroom and Firearms.

Security Specialist/Investigator/ Instructor #003

Bresson 1ABIA 3 May 13Training for deployment

SS-II 003 is a 14 year veteran of the US military. Commissioned in both the US Air Force and US Army, 003 served as both a Security Forces Officer and a Military Police Officer. In his career, he served as a member, and later team leader for a SPS Emergency Services Team (SWAT) at an overseas air base. 003 has served as an Instructor for the Air Force Security Forces Academy’s Ground Combat Skills training, teaching young officers basic tactics, anti and counter-terrorism, land navigation, communications, basic weapons operations and employment, patrolling, air base defense, and leadership principles. He also instructed senior non-commissioned officers and field grade officers in command post operations, staff functions, police intelligence operations, counter-intelligence, and deception operations and command and control. 003 served as an assistant instructor training elements of the Special Warfare Community aside from those already mentioned above. 003’s operational experience includes nuclear security, flight-line security, convoy operations, personal protection, law enforcement operations, and troop supervision of more than 95 personnel in the field.  In the Army, 003 completed airborne training and served in the Airborne Corps as a plans officer dealing with Military Police operations. Operator 003 was tasked to provide his expertise on police support to combat operations, traffic management, civilian and refugee affairs, and enemy prisoner of war operations. Operator 003 completed two tours in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. 003 is currently in serving in a National Guard Airborne Infantry Regiment. He has been in private security and personal protection since 2006 and has conducted numerous high risk security, personal protection, security consulting, and anti-piracy missions.

Operational Licenses and Certs: Military Police Officer, Airborne Infantry, EST (SWAT), TX. D.P.S. P.S.B. Commissioned Security Officer, Personal Protection Officer, Private Investigator, Qualified Manager, Security Consultant,

Instructor Credentials Include: TCLEOSE Basic Instructor, Tazer Instructor, Concealed Handgun License Instructors. Texas D.P.S. P.S.B. Security Instructor. 003 has more than twenty years of martial arts experience.  He holds multiple black belts in a variety of arts.  His background includes Tae Kwon Do, Tang Su Do, Hapkido, Atemi Ryu Jujitsu, Aikido, Brazilian Jujitsu, and Kobushi Sessen Jutsu.

Security Specialist/Investigator#006

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SSI/006 is an Honorably Discharged Army Military Police Sgt. with over 8 years of combined law enforcement and security experience. 006 worked in Iraq as a member of a P.T.T. unit supporting the Department of State International Narcotics and Law Enforcement C.P.A.T.T. Special Units’ mission with Iraqi Police Tactical Units in Northern Iraq. 006 conducted over 350 patrols outside the wire in Mosul during which time he provided personal protection to Dept. of State staff, high ranking military officers, and participated in training and counter insurgency and traditional policing operations with local indigenous assets. 006 has been an active member of this Special Missions Group Quick Reaction Force since 2012 during which time he has handled security situations including VIP protection, hostile terminations, high risk gang related activity, and special events ranging from the most delicate to the suppression of small riots. He has acted calmly and professionally to resolve incidents dealing with violent and mentally disturbed armed individuals. As an investigator he has conducted highly sensitive surveillance details in protection of various corporations. 006 has trained countless individuals in firearms handling and familiarization. 006 has served with distinction as a Team Leader on multiple contracts with T1SMG.

Awards: U.S. Army Commendation Medal, Good Conduct Medal, Iraqi Campaign medal, and Combat Action Badge.

Operational Licenses and Certs: U.S. Army Military Police Officer, Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security Bureau, Level III Commissioned Security Officer, Level IV Personal Protection Officer, Private Investigator.

Security Specialist/Investigator/Instructor #009 

Profile (2)HRCC Shooting Package - Camden TN - Sept 10-14, 2007 060HRCC Shooting Package - Camden TN - Sept 10-14, 2007 969

SSII/009 has over  10 years of experience in the security and law enforcement field including corporate security, government installation security, residential and ranch security, high risk security, and personal protection assignments. 009 has performed high risk personal protection details for clients under threat by Middle East terrorist organizations. He spent over 5 years protecting a top Fortune 500 Executive, his family, and assets. 009 has protected multiple high net worth clients and as well as celebrities. In addition  009 is currently active in Texas Law Enforcement as a patrol officer.

Operational Licenses and Certs: Texas  TCOLE Basic Peace Officer, Texas D.P.S. P.S.B. Personal Protection Officer, Private Investigator, and Commissioned Security Officer, and has P.O.S.T. Reserve Peace Officer Certification. Blackwater Executive Protection Course, Advanced Law Enforcement Tactical Response Training – Terrorism Response to active shooter I and II. Tactics. Tactical Response – Tactical Medical, High Risk Civilian Contractor Team Leader, amongst other advanced firearms and tactics courses. B.S. in Criminal Justice Administration and an AA Administration of Justice.

Instructor Credentials: Tx. A&M TEEX, Patrol Rifle instructor, N.R.A. Pistol Instructor, Personal Protection Instructor, Home Firearm Safety Instructor, and Range Safety Officer.

Security Specialist/Investigator/Instructor #015


SSII/015 is an Honorably Discharged U.S. Marine with his military background in Aviation. As an armed Private Military Security Contractor, 015 served five years conducting high risk personal security details supporting the Diplomatic Security Service in Israel and Palestine. 015 spent almost three years in Anti-Terrorism Force Protection in Baghdad, Iraq as a Site Security Manager. In 2010, 015 worked as a Security Advisor and Regional Director of Security in Afghanistan. 015 has recently been actively involved in many anti-piracy maritime security missions in the region of Africa and the Indian Ocean. During his time as a Security Contractor 015 has personally trained, supervised, and operated with hundreds of U.S. and foreign security operators in high threat environments. 015 has conducted personal protection details for executives and VIP’s in New York, Texas, and high threat areas worldwide. 015 holds a D.O.D. secret clearance.

Operational Certifications include: Dept. of State W.P.P.S. 1 & 2, Executive Close Protection, Security Driver Training, Texas A & M Diplomatic Security Protection Courses (both Basic and Advanced), Response to Lethal Workplace Violence, Security Response, and Law Enforcement to Executive Protection, Institute of Security Services, Executive Protection, International Bodyguard Assoc., Executive and Dignitary Protection, Advanced Executive and Dignitary Protection, Thunder Ranch, Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security Bureau, Private Investigator, Personal Protection Officer, Commissioned Security Officer, Qualified Manager, Officer/Shareholder, and other various advanced weapons courses.

Instructor Certifications Include: Texas D.P.S. Private Security Bureau, Combined Instructor for Classroom and Firearms, Texas D.P.S. Concealed Handgun License Instructor, and Cooper Aerobics Institute Certified Personal Trainer.


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