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T1 Special Missions Group Inc, is a Disabled Veteran owned and operated small business.

T1SMG provides Tier 1 security options to clients who have, or anticipate having, risk management concerns or special threats best managed by highly trained, experienced and capable professional security specialists.

All our Tier 1 T1SMG Security Specialist have a minimum of five years of relevant military, law enforcement and anti-terrorism security experience, with backgrounds including but not limited to Special Operations, S.W.A.T., Sniper Units and comparable elite tactical units. Our  team members have experience successfully providing protection in high threat situations, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Mexico, Kosovo, and other challenging assignments. Many in our group has recent experience on Department of State and Department of Defense contracts or military assignments worldwide. This enables us to provide turnkey solutions to your most challenging security problems.

T1SMG Tier 1 Security Specialists are licensed by the State of Texas as Level IV Personal Protection Officers, which includes training in legal and civil liability issues, extensive criminal history background checks, a psychological evaluation and demonstration of proficiency with unarmed defensive tactics as well as weapons. In addition, T1SMG Protective Specialist are drug tested by OSHA standards and subject to random drug testing. T1SMG  Tier 1 Security Specialist  undergo rigorous physical readiness tests and and ongoing law enforcement weapons and defensive tactics qualifications and field training consistent with national and Law Enforcement Tactical and Diplomatic Security Service Worldwide Protection standards. Our training exceeds the State of Texas requirements for Personal Protection and Security Officers in all areas.

T1SMG’s blend of Law Enforcement and Military professionals provides us with the ability to design custom strategic solutions for our clients in all areas of security and safety. We provide the highest level of legal moral and ethical standards in our service, while protecting the safety, confidentiality, dignity, privacy, and quality of life of our clients.

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