Defense contractors fighting cyber threats can share information through new … –

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama – The hacking of Sony’s computer networks has again focused attention on the growing cyber security problem in America. But a newly-announced cyber information exchange center will grow Huntsville’s role in cyber security while combating cyber intrusions among defense contractor nationally. “We’re giving smaller defense contractors a way to … Continue reading

Security contractor breach not detected for months – U.S. News & World Report

By STEPHEN BRAUN, Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — A cyberattack similar to previous hacker intrusions from China penetrated computer networks for months at USIS, the government’s leading security clearance contractor, before the company noticed, officials and others familiar with an FBI investigation and related official inquiries told The Associated Press. … Continue reading

Bozeman Airport changes to private contractor for security – NBC Montana

BOZEMAN, Mont. – Security screeners at the airport won’t be from TSA anymore. Starting this week passengers traveling out of Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport will pass through security run by a company subcontracted by the Transportation Security Administration.TSA has a program called the Screening Partnership Program that allows them to … Continue reading

Rule of law: Navigating the muddy waters of private security firms – Jerusalem Post

A US federal court’s October 22 conviction of four Blackwater private security contractors of murder, manslaughter and other crimes, for gunning down 17 Iraqi civilians in 2007, has shaken up an already heated debate on the role and oversight of such contractors internationally.The use of private security contractors ballooned during … Continue reading